Introducing Drivecast™

The modern high-capacity pile for limited access foundations.

Modern Piles. Proof tested. Project proven.

At Innovative Foundation Systems (IFS) we set out to solve problems that pile installers and project engineers run into everyday. Our experienced team of modern pile foundation specialists spend years developing, testing, and proving alternative solutions to be used where traditional piling methods cause problems.

As modern pile foundation contractors ourselves, we encounter many of these problems on the job site. Drivecast is a common sense solution that was developed out of necessity in the field, perfected by engineers in the office, and proven in real world applications throughout the country.

Drivecast can be installed where many traditional piles are used...

And many places they are not.

Massive capacity with a minimal footprint

Traditional high-capacity piles require enormous machinery to install. The Drivecast grouted friction pile solves this problem by reaching similar, predictable load capacities using friction and end bearing.

Low Clearance

Auger-cast and timber piles typically need a wide-open overhead space. Drivecast uses short pile extensions which are coupled together to reach any depth.

Minimal Site Impact

Many heavy-duty pile installation rigs need a lot of room to use and maneuver which can cause major headaches on the job site. Drivecast can be installed with a relatively small excavator and minimal site disturbance.

Low Mobilization Costs

The cost and hassle to mobilize traditional piling rigs to and from the job site can add up in a hurry. The equipment for installing Drivecast can usually fit on a single flatbed trailer.

Installed with equipment that’s already on-site

Installation rigs for other piling methods can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. With Drivecast, all you need is small, non-specialized equipment that you probably already have on the job site. That means no expensive equipment costs for new Drivecast installers.

Little-to-no spoils

A project can suffer major disruption when contaminated soils need to be hauled hundreds of miles away from the job site. In projects engineered to use spoil producing piles, this can lead to a massive, unnecessary expense.

The unique design of the Drivecast screw displacement pile compacts soils outward as it is grouted. Not only does this often improve the ground where it’s being installed, it does it with little-to-no spoils.

Neighborhood friendly installation

Traditional piling methods can produce constant noise pollution and angry job site neighbors. Drivecast piles are screwed into the ground, leading to minimal disturbance to those nearby.

little noise
low vibration
minimal traffic

Faster installation

Cost savings

Drivecast can be installed much more quickly

Smaller equipment and a scaled-down crew allow for more agility than other types of piles. Entire Drivecast projects are often completed in a fraction of the time when you take into account: site access limitations, the number of piles, heavy equipment mobilization, hauling away spoils, and the inevitable scheduling conflicts.

Faster installation equates to lower costs

When you factor in the need for heavy machinery versus standard equipment, a smaller crew, fewer supervisors, removal of contaminated soils, and the interruption of surrounding infrastructure, the cost savings can be substantial.

The cost and speed of a job is completely dependent

Soil conditions and the specific load requirements for your project will always determine the best pile solution for the job. Talk to one of our pile foundation specialists to learn whether Drivecast is a good fit for your project.

A Modern Pile Driven by ECP

Drivecast is produced and sold by Earth Contact Products, a global leader in foundation product manufacturing.