Geotechnical Consulting Services

Little hammer. Big results.

At IFS, the core of our business is to help project managers, engineers, and contractors make informed decisions for geotechnical construction projects.

We offer a number of unique consulting services focused on helping you meet the specific requirements of your foundation projects. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the intricacies of every unique job by engaging in purpose-driven conversations and asking pivotal questions. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the success of your project, regardless of the solution you decide to implement.

Backed by decades of experience in the geotechnical industry, we ensure that all of our recommendations align tightly with your project objectives. Our proactive efforts and due diligence are geared towards identifying potential challenges before they become issues.

Our geotechnical recommendations are based on the following criteria:

• SOIL •

Soil Conditions
Site Prep Needs
Water Table


Structural Requirements
Site Constraints
Site Sensitivities
Access Limitations
Environmental Concerns

• COST •

Labor Costs
Material Costs
Equipment Availability
Potential Unknowns

Our geotechnical consulting services include the following activities:

Foundation Industry Information & Education

Informing and educating professionals on foundation systems is essential to our mission of advancing the geotechnical industry. With a greater understanding of alternative foundation systems, project managers and engineers can provide more reliable and cost-effective solutions. Ensuring proper installation through contractor education, QA/QC processes are also critical to avoiding foundation failures and guaranteeing integrity and longevity of the chosen system.

Demonstration of Pile Foundation Solutions

Demonstrating innovative pile solutions at industry events and trade shows is vital for the geotechnical field. Showcasing advanced methods to pile contractors and industry peers promotes understanding and adoption of best practices. These public and private demos drive collaboration, efficiency, and safety, while giving our partners the chance to see advanced new solutions in action.

Viability & Cost Assessment

Our consultative approach to geotechnical projects include viability and cost assessment for your existing designs. Factors such as soil conditions, structural requirements, and site-specific challenges significantly influence our approach. By addressing key elements like material and labor costs, equipment availability, and potential contingencies, we can often identify alternative solutions that lead to tangible cost savings. Our goal is to deliver reliable foundation solutions while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Guidance on Third-Party Engineering & Site Testing

Collaborating in third-party engineering and site testing allows us to help maximize the success of geotechnical projects and identify potential cost-efficiencies. With extensive experience in a wide variety of foundation systems, we can provide guidance to project managers and engineers on best practices, design specifications, potential contingencies, and unforeseen complications. When necessary, we can also offer guidance for on-site testing to confirm chosen solutions.

Project Plan & Document Review

By examining your existing documents, we can help identify potential efficiencies and substantial cost savings for your project. We examine subsurface investigation reports, plans and specifications to ensure you have the best overall solution specified for your project. Our evaluation process is grounded in relevant site-specific conditions and project requirements, allowing us to pinpoint modifications that can lead to better design decisions, optimal construction processes, and a more successful project.

Trusted Geotechnical Professional Connections

We have a robust network of trusted industry professionals, including geotechnical engineers, pile contractors, material distributors, and other foundation-focused problem solvers. Through our continued partnerships with these experts, we can quickly connect our clients to the right specialists for their specific project needs. Tapping into this established expertise ensures efficient project design and execution, while maximizing the reliability and longevity of the foundation.

Support from Project Concept Through Completion

Every geotechnical project presents its unique set of challenges. We’re here to provide solutions well beyond the conceptual design. In fact, where we really shine is in our ability to solve problems that arise when you least expect them — in the middle of a project. Our experienced geotechnical team can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot challenges to keep the project on track. If a pivot to a new solution does become necessary, our focus on value engineering prioritizes a budget-conscious approach to solving the problem.

In-House Geotechnical Research & Development

We are dedicated to the ongoing innovation of geotechnical solutions. With the collaboration of our valuable partners, our in-house team drives a great deal of this innovation through on-site experimentation and testing. Our approach is simple: There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every project, but there is always one solution that works best. Bring us your geotechnical challenge, and we will find the answer.