About IFS

We make it our business to understand the most useful foundation systems on the planet.

The IFS Mission

We seek to solve common problems faced by foundation pile contractors and engineers through the development, testing, proving, education, and promotion of select, alternative modern pile technologies.

Our Principles

What sets IFS apart from other companies who simply want to sell you their products, is that we only make recommendations based on the geotechnical specifications of your project. We have a deep understanding of where our solutions excel and, just as importantly, where they may not be the best fit.

We recognize that we don’t have solutions to fit every project’s unique requirement (though we’re always working on that). So, when we come across a project that would be best suited for a solution outside of our catalog, we have no problem making that recommendation. We know that every geotechnical product on the market has a niche and a range of appropriate use cases. Our job is to understand those solutions and how they fit into the construction marketplace.

Our primary objective as a company is to build long-term relationships based on trustworthy advice and dependable solutions.

Our Business Model

At IFS, we champion Modern Pile Technologies to tackle the prevalent challenges encountered by foundation pile contractors and engineers. Our consultative approach, bolstered by a commitment to innovation and education, helps us maintain an objective perspective when it comes to identifying which foundation solutions we choose to support.

Our business model doesn’t involve direct sales of any pile materials or derivative products. We provide a full-service approach to assisting your team plan, design, and implement a successful project.  We have a robust catalog of geotechnical solutions which we support and recommend. For a number of these solutions, we have played a key role in their development and bringing them to market. We also continually develop partnerships with innovative companies to grow awareness and showcase groundbreaking advancements in the geotechnical construction industry.

Our consultancy offers a broad spectrum of geotechnical consulting services to guide and support projects in considering advanced and alternative foundation solutions.

Our Team

Matt Conte

Founder & President

Dan Armitage

Projects Team

Jim Davis

Engineering Team

Nate Kruska

Communications Team

Alyssa DuPont

Support Team

Our Consulting Services

Foundation Industry Information & Education

Demonstration of Pile Foundation Solutions

Viability & Cost Assessment

Guidance on Third-Party Engineering & Site Testing

Project Plan & Document Review

Trusted Geotechnical Professional Connections

Support from Project Concept Through Completion

In-House Geotechnical Research & Development