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Featured Solutions

The high-capacity pile for limited access foundations.
  • High capacity with small, common equipment
  • Low overhead clearance required for installation
  • Low mobilization and labor costs
  • Minimal spoils and environmentally friendly
  • Quiet, low-vibration, and minimal site disturbance
The shallow pier with extreme lateral strength.
  • High shear capacity for projects with high lateral loads
  • Great for fences, solar fields, utilities, and more
  • No concrete, no excavation, no mess
  • Installed quickly with small equipment
  • Will not disturb sensitive sites like sporting fields

Our solutions are used on many types of projects, especially on:

Sensitive Sites • Contaminated Soils • Constrained Sites • Densely Populated Areas

Electrical Substations

Solar Fields

Specialized Fencing

Pipelines & Utilities

EV Charging Stations

Industrial Lighting

and much more...

Geotechnical Consulting Services

IFS offers specialized geotechnical consulting services, guiding engineers and project managers from project conception to completion. With a focus on innovative foundation solutions, we ensure every decision you make is informed, efficient, and tailored to your project’s unique needs.

Industry Education

We provide information and education to geotechnical professionals to ensure reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting foundation solutions.

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Viability & Cost Assessment

We offer viability and cost assessments for geotechnical projects, analyzing key factors to recommend cost-effective and reliable foundation solutions.

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Research & Development

Our research and development efforts drive geotechnical innovations, aligning financial factors with specific project requirements.

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About Us

We seek to solve common problems faced by foundation pile contractors and engineers through the development, testing, proving, education, and promotion of select, alternative modern pile technologies.